"hands down the best vegan cheese I have ever had.  I actually said “holy fuck!” Out loud as soon as I tried it."

Vaughn, Nashville

 "I have had other vegan cream cheese before but this one was by far the best ever!"

Megan, New York

“I LOVED your cheese, it was so much better than any of the nut cheeses currently available.”

Tamara, Brooklyn

"Are you kidding me? This cheese is amazing, not just compared to other “not” cheeses, but to dairy cheese too! Damnnn!!"

Taylor, San Diego

“We loved the cream cheese on bagels. It’s definitely our favorite vegan cream cheese! We're also loving the GOAT cheese with avocado toast. We'll definitely order again!”

Nicole, Massachusetts

"The cream cheese is like spreading a delicious, delicious joint onto a cracker."

Kyle, Chicago

“Truly the best store-bought mac and cheese sauce I've ever had. You nailed it! Thank you for not only making it vegan but inspiring my non-vegan friends to try it too!!”

Juliet, Philadelphia

“OMG unbelievable! Literally the best dairy cheese ever and I have tried them ALL! My fridge will never not have it in stock!”

Christina, St. Petersburg

"The cheese was phenomenal! I heard about you from Two Guys One Plant Podcast and am so glad you are shipping now! Keep up the good work, I will be ordering again :)"

Sarah, Connecticut
Grounded in creamery tradition?
nope. there's nothing traditional about us.

Welcome to the future of dairy...made from plants.